The Wright Family

Every now and again in life you're blessed to meet someone so special that they're bound to stay in and play a big role in your life without you even knowing it.  Without a doubt Heather is one of those people for me!  She is my bmfff and I love her for it!  Heather and I met years ago at our first "real job" after just graduating from college.  We instantly bonded over fashion, music, reality TV and our mutual hatred and unhappiness at said job!  Lol!  We've often laughed about how we wouldn't have made it a week it that place without each other and our lil "gang" of friends! (inside joke) ;)  

Throughout the years our friendship has grown right along with our families and I await many more years filled with laughs, love and plenty of good times with my good friend!  

We met before Christmas to get some shots for a family Christmas card.  Here are some of my favorites from my day spent with Jimmy, Heather, Kayleigh, and Jack, four people whom I love and adore oh so very much!  :)

Kayleigh is such a doll!  :) 

And Jack is a handsome lil bugger too!  :) 

Just LOVE these kids!  :) 

Thanks again guys!  I'm so thankful for good friends like you who encourage me, believe in me, know me the best and still somehow love me the most!  :)  
You guys rock!  

Till next time

Ashley + Zach + Alec (even a lil Mike)

Ashley and Zach are the niece and nephew of mine and Johnny's good friend Mike.  Ashley reached out to me before Christmas wanting some pics of her, her brother, and her soon to be cousin Alec. We had a great time walking around downtown Lubbock laughing and goofing off.  These three were so much fun!  Here are some of my favorites from our day!  :) 

Zach's quite a looker

And Alec is quite the lil charmer!  :)

Ashley told me she was the "most photogenically challenged person EVER!" 
 I like to think I changed her mind on that one!  These pics of her are just gorgeous!    :) 

Mike even decided to join us for a bit to get some pics of him and Alec for his fiancee Felicia.  
Lucky Lady, huh?!?  Those are some handsome fellas she's got!  :)  

This kid is hilarious!  You have no idea!  :D

Thanks so much you guys!  I had soooo much fun!  We have to do it again!  :) 

Till next time

The Cornelius Family (Crosbyton Family Photographer

I was greeted with great big smiles and hugs the afternoon I met up with the Cornelius Family.  Now granted I start most of my sessions this way, 1.) because I'm friendly and 2.) because I'm a hugger, I can't help it!  ;) But there is something a lil different about my connection to the Cornelius' (Cornelius-sus-ses, say that 3 times fast!)  In fact some of my earliest fondest memories include members of this family.  You see I attended Judy's daycare from just a wee little babe till I started school at 5.  It was a wonderful joyous time of my life from what I've been told and the little I remember involves my brother and me asking to go to Judy's on Saturday mornings.  :)  
Needless to say, this is a wonderful beautiful family.  And I was ever so happy to capture these memories for them.  

It all started with Danny & Judy. 

Meet their youngest Sandy, and her family, the Wallace's.  Rusty, Sandy and lil cutie Krypton

Here's another generation of great folks.  Dusty, Heather, Chase, Keeley, Ty and Kynzee.  

a picture just for Granny :)

Meet Ty,


Keeley + Chase

just LOVE this shot!  

sometimes the best shots are the ones, you had nothing really to do with, they're just moments that I'm oh so grateful to have captured, much like this one of Dusty + Keeley.  LOVE it!  :)

Sandy, thanks again for thinking of me and trusting me with your families memories, it means the world to me! And Judy, thank you for being such a wonderful loving care taker for me and Buddy.  I can't imagine having a better childhood anywhere else!  :)  

Till next time