Lubbock Memorial Arboretum Maternity Session: Alex + Isaiah (and lil Miss Olivia Grace)

I've known Isaiah my whole life, no literally, my. whole. life.  That's just one of the benefits of small town living - friends are often family! :)  I met Alex when the two start dating years ago, and immediately loved everything about her.  She's smart, kind, graceful, and gorgeous to boot - not to mention the perfect balance to Isaiah's love of life and all things crazy and fun!!  The two of them are a joy to be around and I couldn't be happier for them and their growing family!  In a few short weeks Lil Miss Olivia Grace is expected to WOW us with her presence, and I am just one of MANY who can't wait to meet her!  We met up a couple weeks ago to capture this exciting moment in their lives right before they become a family of 3!  Here are a few of my favorites from our day!  

Alex wanted something different for their maternity session and decided on the lush gardens and greenery at the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum and Garden & Arts Center.  

Shiny happy people holding hands!!  :))

I think this is my favorite!

Olivia Grace will most certainly have good taste!  Her accessory game is to be envied already!!

No sunflowers were harmed in the making of this picture. ;)

Alex + Isaiah THANK YOU so much for sharing this time in your life with me!  I can't wait to meet your lil one!!  :)

Till next time!  

St. Paul's Chapel Wedding: Krystal + Jeremy

Theirs is a love story that was far from planned, but thanks to friends who meddle (even when asked, ahem, told not to ;) it's a love story that I get to tell.  :))

Krystal had been looking forward to seeing her favorite band play for weeks, even though it meant continuing to tell her two best friends (who are now happily married w/ babies btw) NOT to set her up at the show with a guy they'd been mentioning casually recently.  She reminded them she wasn't looking for a relationship right now and just wanted to hang out with them, NOT be subject to their matchmaking efforts.  Thankfully these were great friends and they, like great friends often do, knew better than to listen to a word she said! HA!!  And that my friends is the night Krystal met Jeremy! They hit it off, obvi, and from that moment on quickly became inseparable.  Spending more and more time together, they began to see a future, and when Krystal's favorite person in the world, her Grandfather, gave Jeremy a nickname (b/c everyone in the family had their own) she knew, THIS was THE ONE.  Sadly Krystal's Grandfather passed before she and Jeremy could say I do, but she commemorated his love and all that he meant to her life by celebrating one of the most important, happiest days of her life on HIS birthday! (it's totally ok to tear up, I did too! ;)  Here are some of my favorites from our day!  

The St. Paul's Chapel  has always been one of my favorite places in Lubbock.  It's so perfect for an intimate wedding.  

Being a part of the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum and Garden & Arts Center gorgeous blooms were all around!

A good friend of the couples was an ordained minister and naturally made the perfect Officiant for their big day!

After the ceremony we took advantage of our gorgeous surroundings at the St. Paul's Chapel and spent a few minutes taking portraits.

These two are as gorgeous as their Mama!

I LOVE a good nuzzle!!!

Krystal + Jeremy thank you soooo much for inviting me to share in your special day!  You guys and your love are the reason why I love what I do!!  :))

Till next time!


"It's been a long, a long time coming..."

"It's been a long, a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will” -Sam Cooke

This blog post has been a long time coming.  Oh and how I hope it's the beginning of a change to come! You see it's been a lil over 3 yrs since my last blog post.  That's not because I've lost interest.  I still LOVE photography and all that it entails!  It's the reason I'm constantly noticing scene composition while watching a movie or TV show, the reason I'm always looking off in the distance for small corners in new places I find interesting and the sole reason for my great love affair with light.  A love that ranges from the bright, fun and natural work of local photog greats like Kristin Bednarz (my girl photog crush :)) and Betsy Lackey to the moody, dark and soul touching, give you chills kind of work of Gabe McClintock and Fer Juaristi.  These folks are just a few examples of the reasons I love photography: real emotions, true connections you can feeeeeel, once in a lifetime moments, captured in a split second, for all time - it's all sooooo good, what's not to love?!? :)  So, yes, the love is most definitely still there, even throughout my excessive online absence I have continued to shoot on a semi-steady basis for great clients, many of whom I have the pleasure of calling my friends.  These kind souls have shared their lives and memories with me and it's high time I shared them with you.    

In an effort to do just that, here's my best attempt at catching up and showing you what's been going on these past three years...

There have been engagement sessions...

Couples and family sessions (some a few times over)...


 Senior and Solo Portrait sessions...

 Maternity and newborn sessions...

There have been weddings....

And some of the biggest, most important moments in the lives of some of the most important people in mine.
Like the day my Cousin Nadia got engaged...

And the day one of my oldest and dearest friends introduced me to my favorite (now 2 yr old) blonde haired, blue eyed little boy .....

Till next time!